About Gavrie Philipson

I am a seasoned software developer and technologist, a people person, and an experienced leader and teacher.

I have more than 15 years of experience as a software developer, a decade of which as a hands-on team leader and manager. During this time I took care to stay up to date and actively involved in all stages of software development.

I love to learn and to teach people on the subjects of programming languages, software development and methodologies, and automated testing. I have gained a lot of experience in building strong and effective software development teams, as well as in lecturing, training and coaching people.

Much of my recent technical expertise involves developing user­space, system­level and networking software on Linux in Go, Python, and C. Past experience includes development of Windows applications and of database­backed Web applications. I’ve also programmed in JavaScript, C++ and C#.

I have a vast amount of experience with Linux, including software development, system administration, networking, automation and shell scripting.

During my tenure at IBM I have taught highly popular software development courses in Python to both beginners and veterans, as well as courses on software development tools such as Git.

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